The seminar on information security for Belarusian activists was held in Lutsk


Center “Collaboration without Borders” held second seminar on computer security for Belarusian NGO activists and parties. It was held on December, 14-16. There were 22 participants.

The activists attended lectures on the following topics: “Safe data storage and disk encryption”, “safe” web surfing“, “protection against malicious software”, “social networking”, “secure messaging on the Internet”, “safe administration of Internet resources“,”mobile security” and others.   Details

Our participation in the elections to Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine


In recent months, social activity of the center almost stopped due to coordinator Igor Guz’ involvement in elections to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Igor Guz’ ran from “Motherland” (united opposition). According to official figures, he lost to oligarch Stepan Ivakhiv, supported by “Party of Regions”, 0.8% . According to these data, 36,306 people voted for Igor Guz’.   Details