About the Center

The Centre of Regional Development Collaboration without borders was founded in June 2006, initiated by the All-Ukrainian Youth Organization  National Alliance.

The Centre is a non-profit and non-governmental organization.

Prior to the inception of the Centre, the National Alliance was holding an All-Ukrainian campaign “Freedom for Belarus”. It lasted more than a year in support of democratic forces in the neighboring country.

Initially the Centre Collaboration without borders was created to unite as many Ukrainians as possible who would contribute to democratic change in Belarus. The need for this came after the presidential election in Belarus in 2006, when the interest in Belarusian political events increased.

Then activities of the Center have expanded. We started ordering burial grounds of Ukrainians abroad, cooperation with organizations of the Ukrainian Diaspora and youth organizations of other contries. After the election of Victor Yanukovych as Ukrainian President, it became true to do things that aimed at the democratic changes inside Ukraine.

Since the inception of the Centre of Regional Development Collaboration without borders, international activities of the National Alliance are part of the Centre’s activity.

Our support for democratic forces in Belarus holds mainly in educational and informational areas.

Educational direction

In September 2005, 13 members of the National Alliance worked as trainers on three seminars for 150 Belarusian democratic activists. The seminars were held in Lithuania. They were organized by Danish organization, SILBA.

In August 2006, in cooperation with SILBA, we held an educational camp in Volynskaya Oblast for 100 members of Belarusian non-governmental organizations.

In addition, more than 150 activists of Belarusian organizations have visited our educational, sport and patriotic camps in the Ukraine since 2005.

Informational direction

In the Ukraine we organized round tables and press-conferences with leaders of the Belarusian opposition (Dmitry Dashkevich, Ales Michalevich, Vyacheslav Sivchik) and members of the Young Front and the Young Belarus.

In addition members of the National Alliance organized some press-conferences devoted to the political situation in Belarus.

The National Alliance and the Center of Regional Development Collaboration without borders held four All-Ukrainian campaigns with demand to stop repressions in Belarus. It was campaigns against arrests of 5 activists of the National Alliance during “Chernobyl’s Way-2005″, against the resignation of politically active youth from Belorussian universities in 2005, and against criminal persecution of Dmitry Dashkevich in 2006 and Artem Dubskiy in 2009.

Within the campaign, we organized street protests and press-conferences in different Ukrainian cities.

We also held some other events in support of Belarusian democrats.

The greatest impact in the Ukraine was made by a campaign with the demand to liberate the members of our organization. They were arrested during “Chernobyl’s Way-2005″ and spent from 9 to 15 days in jail.

All that had great informational effect. Almost all Ukrainian media reported about arrests in Belarus.

There was a tent camp near the Belarusian Embassy in Kiev. Flash mobs with demands to liberate Ukrainians were being held from dawn till dusk. As a result, the Belorussian Ambassador in Ukraine, Valentin Velichko, said that work of Embassy could be stopped because of our actions.

Within the campaign, actions with the demand to liberate Ukrainians were held all over the Ukraine.

From the outset, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Tarasyuk took control of this question, then President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko paid attention to it. He said that double standards were applied against Ukrainians, because Russian people arrested during the action were soon released. After that, the Belarusian President had to respond. Aleksandr Lukashenko said he had not known anything about arrested Ukrainians.

In the end, the Belorussian government released one of the members of the National Alliance 5 days earlier than the trial had decided.

Members of our organization were taking part in other actions of Belarussian opposition in Minsk. In total, 13 activists of the National Alliance were arrested. Later, our activists were deported. They were banned from entering Belarus for 5 years.

We also organized trips to protests in Minsk for members of other Ukrainian youth organizations.

In 2007 we helped to hold the Festival of Belarusian music (Right to be free) in Lutsk.

Our main partner in Belarus is the youth organization Young Front. In April, 2005 in Minsk the leaders of the National Alliance and the Young Front signed the agreement of cooperation.

We also have partnership with the Youth of the Belarusian People’s Front, Right Alliance, Young Belarus and youth organization Dzedich (Brest).

In Moldova, the main partner of the National Alliance is Tineretul Liberal – Liberal Party’s youth organization. The signing of a groundbreaking partnership took place on December 29, 2009.

From 2006 to 2010 we participated in the international Polish-Ukrainian programme “Memory without Borders”, which was aimed at restorating graves of Ukrainians in Poland and Poles in the Ukraine.

In addition, considerable historical research work was carried out within this programme. A lot of archival materials were handled. As a result, a large exhibition was held in the place of the Volyn Regional State Administration.

Our activists have participated in observing elections in Poland, Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

We held our actions and activities against the external pressure of the Russian Federation to Estonia and Russia’s military aggression against Georgia.

In 2009, the National Alliance was a partner of the European Neighborhood Days.

We had an official meeting with Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Borys Tarasiuk, Minister of Youth and Sport of Moldova Ioan Ciobanu and Moldovan Prime Minister Ioan Negreem.