Activities of the Centre of Regional Development Collaboration without Borders are not strictly bounded. We started with support of democratic powers in Belarus, but later expanded our activities for more wide international cooperation.

Definitely, the activities are determined by all the members of the organization. If one comes out with an interesting idea and a desire to work in a field of international cooperation, we try to help with implementation of the project and provide conditions for personal development.

Of course, these new ideas have to be directed on spreading of democracy, respect for human rights, peace and mutual assistance between different countries.

We fulfill our projects in social, educational, and cultural spheres, guided by these principles.

Because our organization unites young people, an important role is devoted to international youth cooperation. Our work in this direction helps to achieve mutual understanding between young people in different countries.

Nowadays, we mostly conduct such activities:

- We set cooperation with youth organizations of other countries. We coordinate activities and hold joint actions, campaigns and events.

- We teach activists of Belorussian youth non-state organizations to use effective methods of making democratic changes in their country. We organize trainings, seminars and summer camps for them.

- We spread information about the political situation in Belarus inside and outside the Ukraine. We open new sources of information, hold press-conferences and other events.

- We hold flash mobs and campaigns against human rights violations in Belarus.

- We contribute to promote democratic changes in Ukraine.

- We set cooperation with Ukrainian Diaspora.

- We take care of burial places of Ukrainians abroad. We help to bring order to burial places of people from other countries in the Ukraine.

Our organization is open for new ideas as well as for active young people. We always welcome anyone who wants to join us!