March 15 – the National Alliance organises a press conference of Viacheslav Sivchik, a well-known Belorussian oppositional public figure.

March 25 the National Alliance in cooperation with the Young Front (Belarus) congratulates  passengers that had arrived to Kyiv Main Train Station from Minsk on the Day of the proclamation of Belarus People’s Republic. About 15 activists stand along the platform, holding the white-red-white flags and greeting banners. The train Minsk-Kyiv is welcomed by cheering “Belarus is alive!” and “Happy Holidays!”. One of the activists congratulates people on the Freedom Day using a megaphone. The passengers are given greeting cards.

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April 7 – the National Alliance and the Young Front hold two flash mobs in Kyiv.

At 3.30 p.m., Ukrainians and Belorussians gather on Independence Square for the solidarity action. Dozens of young people with the black bags on their heads and in fetters, holding the portraits of the imprisoned oppositional activists in Belarus, demonstrate a mute performance on the main square of the capital of Ukraine. Journalists and passers by are given the flyers containing the information about the political situation in Belarus.

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At 8 p.m., the activists lit candles in memory of Belarusian oppositional activists which were kidnapped or killed. The flash mobs are held under the national flags of both countries.

April 10 – the flash mobs on the Independence Square had caused an outrageous reaction of the Official Minsk. Sergei Kastian, the Deputy Head of the Committee of International Affairs and Relations with CIS in the House of Representatives of Belarusian Parliament, declares that the flash mobs in Ukraine have appeared to be a provocation within the “implementation of the plan to promote freedom in Belarus by the Ukrainian leaders”.

April 19 – a flash mob within the Freedom for Belarus information campaign is held in Rivne. Young men dressed as prisoners with their mouths shut by sticky tape, sit down at Theater square. They are supposed to symbolize oppositional politicians, journalists and ordinary citizens that were not only imprisoned but also killed.  In addition, boards with the information about crimes of the contemporary Belarusian government are set up on the square.

April 21 – a flash mob is held in Lviv to support the civil society in Belarus. The boards are set up near Taras Shevchenko monument. All the interested people are given a possibility to write on the board what they think about Belarusian government and about Alexander Lukashenka personally. Passers by are given flyers with the information about the authoritarian regime in Belarus, and about the activity of the Young Front.

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April 25 – in Minsk, The Cooperation Agreement is signed by activists of the National Alliance and the Young Front.

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April 26 – during the “Chernobyl Way march” in Minsk, 5 members of the National Alliance are arrested by the police.

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April 27 – Borys Tarasiuk, The Ukrainian Minister of International Affairs, takes the case of arrested Ukrainian citizens under personal control. MIA of Ukraine announces the note of protest against the arrest of Ukrainian activists. The activists are sentenced to 10 and 15 day arrest by the Belarusian court. Press conferences of the National Alliance representatives are held in Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk. The members of the National Alliance tell journalists the details about the arrest of Ukrainians and measures taken to free them. The National Alliance starts a perpetual protest in front of the Belarusian Embassy in Kyiv.

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April 28 – the National Alliance declares that the activists of organization will block the building and functioning of the Belarusian Embassy in Kyiv until the arrested activists are discharged. At the same time, the arrested Ukrainians announce a hunger strike. Ukrainian People’s Party declares the support of Ukrainians. The support protests are held in Lutsk and Chernivtsi.

April 29 – The Subcommittee of PACE condemns the arrest of Ukrainians in Minsk.

The protest to support the members of The National Alliance is held in Lviv.

April 30- Video from the action at the Belarusian Embassy in Kiev

Clip “Blockade” demands  to release the members of the National Alliance from Belarusian prison

May 1 – the protests against arrests of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian participants of “Chernobyl Way” are organized in front of the special prison in Minsk in Akrestin street.

May 3 – the National Alliance organizes the supporting protest in Poltava.

May 4 – the members of the National Alliance from all over the Ukraine gather in Kyiv to protest. 50 activists knock on plastic bottles and play drums in front of the Belarusian Embassy.  While sirens of megaphones are sounding, the protestors unroll a barbed wire around the building of the Embassy. Valentin Velichko, The Belarusian Ambassador, declares that he does not exclude the possibility of pausing of the work of diplomatic mission in Ukraine.

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The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko declares that he plans to discuss the issue of arrested members of the National Alliance with Alexander Lukashenko. According to Yushchenko, Belorussian government used double standards towards Ukrainians, due to the fact that arrested Russian citizens had been discharged in a few days after arrest.

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May 5 – after 9 days under arrest, Oleksii Panasiuk, one of 5 Ukrainians, is discharged. The demonstration of support is organized by the members of the National Alliance in Ivano-Frankivsk.

May 6 – the rest of Ukrainian citizens are discharged. Andrii Bokoch’s verdict had been changed from 15 to 10 days of arrest.

May 10 – the members of the National Alliance that had come back from Belarusian jail, hold a press conference in front of Belarusian Embassy in Kyiv.

May 11 – press conferences of Ukrainians arrested in Minsk are held in Rivne, Lutsk, and Ivano-Frankivsk.

May 13 – Borys Tarasiuk, Ukrainian Minister of International Affairs, meets Ukrainians arrested in Minsk, and representatives of Young Front in Ukraine.  During the constructive dialogue, the Minister approves actions of the activists.

May 14 – the leader of the Young Front Dmitriy Dashkevich visits Lutsk and holds a press conference for Ukrainian journalists.

May 15 – 30 members of the National Alliance take part in the Shuman’s Parade within the European Meetings in Warsaw. Right after the Parade, the National Alliance and the Young Front organize a flash-mob Freedom for Belarus.

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June 1 – the National Alliance starts an all-Ukrainian campaign named Let Them Study to support activists that were expelled from Belorussian universities for political reasons.

Flash mobs are held at the same time in different Ukrainian cities: Kyiv (pictures), Ivano-Frankivsk (pictures), Stachanov (pictures), Lviv, Poltava, and Kryvyi Rih (pictures).

June 8-12 – Igor Guz’, Head of the National Alliance, visits Poland within a business trip. He announces his speech Comparative analysis of V. Yushchenko’s and V. Yanukovich’s elective staff during the elections of 2004 on the Third All-Polish conference Public Relations in Local Government in the town of Krasnik.

In Warsaw, Igor meets the representatives of Polish organizations Wolna Ukraina and Kuznia Wschodnia, that expressed their wish to cooperate with the National Alliance in aspect of development of democratic values in Belarus. Also, some agreements about accepting Belarusian students, expelled from their universities for political reasons, are reached with some Polish universities.

In addition, the representatives of Ukrainian student movements in Warsaw and Lublin agreed to cooperate in social and cultural life.

July 1-17 – an international youth camp “Memory without Borders-2005″ takes place near the Polish town of Suwalki. The main task of the camp is to arrange the graves of Ukrainian soldiers. The National Alliance appears as an organizer of the camp.

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August 24September 1 – the National Alliance organizes a youth educational camp Legioner-2005 in Volyn region. Members of Ukrainian youth organization took part in it, as well as Belarusian activists.

September 6-27 – 13 members of the National Alliance take part as coaches in 3 seminars for 150 Belarusian activists. The seminars, organized by Dutch organization SILBA , took place in Lithuania. In Vilnius the participants of the seminars hold a demonstration against political repressions in Belarus.

September 30 – the representatives of the National Alliance appear as guests in the Congress of Democratic Powers of Belarus.

October 22-23 – the members of the National Alliance work as observers during the Presidential elections in Lublin, Poland.

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December 8 – a round table A Possibility of Revolution in Belarus is held in Volyn’ State University. Igor Shchekarevich, a representative of the Young Front in Ukraine, answered the questions from Ukrainian students.