February 2-3 – six members of the Belarusian information campaign Enough visit Ukraine to create connections with Ukrainian youth non-state organizations.

February 4 – the officials of Belarusian Customs conduct a search of personal belongings ot the Enough activists that return from Kyiv to Minsk. The customs officials informed that they were searching for illegal literature and big amount of foreign currency. According to the activists, the officials refused to introduce themselves and behaved in a rude way.

February 16 – the National Alliance joins the action of solidarity with Belarusian democrats near the Belarusian Embassy in Kyiv.

February 24-26 – belarusian activists take part in a sport patriotic camp “Dobrovolets-2006”, initiated by the National Alliance.

March 17 – at 9:30 pm, Ruslan Konev, the Deputy Head of Luhansk regional department of the National Alliance, was arrested by Belarusian border guards in train Chernihiv – Gomel. Ruslan was going to visit Minsk on an invitation of Belarusian partners. On March 18, at 3:00 am, Konev was put into train Minsk – Kyiv, and to get off the train on the first station in Ukraine.

Besides Konev, a few Ukrainian activists were not allowed to visit Minsk.

March 19 – Pavlo Danylchuk, representative of the National Alliance, proclaims a speech on October square in Minsk on the demonstration of Belarusian opposition against falsifications of the results of Presidential elections. After the end of the demonstration, 8 members of the National Alliance were arrested by the police officers and people in civilian clothes.

March 20 – the 8 members of the National Alliance are deported from Belarus for 5 years.

March 21 – the press conference of the deported activists is held in Kyiv.

April 5 – press conference of the representatives of Volyn regional department of the National Alliance was held in Lutsk. Among the topics discussed during the press conference, there was political situation in Belarus after the Presidential elections in 2006. The activists of Belarusian youth non-state organizations that lived in Ukraine because of the political repressions in their home country, took part in the press conference.

April 25 – two activists of the Ukrainian Youth Union were forbidden to cross the Belarusian border by the Customs officials. The activists were supposed to take part in the demonstration “Chernobyl’s Way-2006”.

April 26 – five members of the National Alliance took part in “Chernobyl’s Way-2006”.

May 5-8 – Our organization holds a patriotic sport game “Zvytiaga-2006” in Volyn region. Over 200 people took part in the game. Eight members of Belarusian youth organizations participated in the game as well.

June 5 – press conference of Aleksey Mihalevich (Deputy Head of the Belarusian People’s Front), Igor Shchekarevich (The Young Front representative), and Igor Guz’ (Head of the National Alliance and the delegate to Volyn Regional Council) is held in Lutsk.

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June 6 – the presentation of the Centre of Regional Development Collaboration without Borders in Lutsk.

July 1-12 – the members of the National Alliance took part in a Youth International Camp “Memory without Borders – 2006” in Poland. During the work of the camp, participants arranged the graves of Ukrainian soldiers in Wadowice. From the Polish side, ZHP (The Scouts Union of Poland) appeared as an organizer.

In addition, the delegation has lead a number of meetings with the Polish and Ukrainian officials: Andrzej Pshevoznjak, the secretary of Council of memory of victims of war and repression, Aleksander Motsik, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in Poland, Mihail Brodovich, Consul General of Ukraine in Krakow, as well as representatives of municipalities of Vadovitse and Krakow. In addition, there was meeting of young activists with the representatives of Ukrainian diaspora.

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July 31- August 6 – there was international youth camp “Wild game” in Manevitski rayon of Vjolynskaya oblast’. It was held by the National Alliance and Danish organization SILBA. The camp has been organized for activists of Belarusian youth organizations. In total more than 80 people from different cities of Belarus has arrived in Volyn’. In addition, representatives of the organization SILBA from Denmark, France and Sweden visited the camp.

August 16-20 -the National Alliance held the educational camp “Legioner-2006 ” in Zakarpatye. In addition to the Ukrainians, the representatives of Belarusian youth organizations participated in the camp.

October 7-15 – within the program “Memory without Borders”, members of the National Alliance took part in the restoration of graves of soldiers of the Semen Petlyura’s Army in the Polish town of Kalush. Upon completion of the works in Warsaw, there was a meeting of activists with Oleksandr Motsyk, The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in Poland. On behalf of the Embassy, he expressed gratitude to the Ukrainian youth’s contribution to the Ukrainian-Polish friendship and improving good neighborly relations.

ZHP-union Hartserov Poland was the traditional partner of the program with the Polish side.

October 30 – Actions in support of the leader of the Young Front Dmitry Dashkevich, who was judged in Minsk at that time, were held in Krivoi-Rog and Lutsk.

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October 31 -actions in support of Dmitry Dashkevich were held in Poltava, Rovno, Cherkassy, Lvov and Kiev.

November 7-13 – the international youth seminar “The Millennium Development Goals” was held in Bursa (Turkey). The National Alliance was invited there by the Our Concern – the Center of youth NGOs of Volyn’. The event was supported by the United Nations. During the trip, we have established close contacts with representatives of various Georgian NGOs.

November 26 -representatives of the National Alliance visited Lublin, where they monitored the local elections. In addition, Ukrainians met Adam Vasilevski, who had won the Lublin’s mayoral elections, Deputy Janush Polikot, Jacek Sobchak – Sejm deputy in the Lublin region, and Jacek Swestovski – Head of headquarters of the Civil Platform in the Lublin region.

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