Belarusian activists want to meet with Polish Minister of Justice


After the fruitful meeting in the Polish Prosecution General, Belarusian activists will gather to meet with the leader of the Polish Ministry of Justice.

On January 5th the petition from the Center “Collaboration without borders”, “Union for Democracy in Belarus”, “Young Front”, “Belarusian Christian Democracy” and “European Belarus” was received to Jarosław Gowin, the Minister of Justice of Polish.

As Ihar Shchekarevich, the representative of the Centre “Collaboration without borders” pointed out, activists will come together to discuss about two main questions at the meeting

Shchekarevich: “For 12 years in Białystok there was harassment to Andrej Zhukawiec, the Belarusian dissident by the local prosecutor and the court. During the meeting in the Polish Prosecution General, we saw that the substitute of Polish Public Prosecutor General was interested in explaining all the circumstances of this case. Now we want to convey actual information about this case also to Polish Ministry of Justice to get them pay attention to the acts of the court in Białystok. Also at the meeting, we want to discuss about the outrageous decision of the court in Bydgoszcz, which effectively banned the use of the Belarusian national white-red-white flag at the sport events in Poland. We do not understand which country’s law the judges in Bydgoszcz obeyed and why approved this decision”.

We notice that the judge Szczesny Szymański, who is engaged in the case of Andrej Zhukawiec, is now a suspect in a criminal case of falsification of evidence against the Belarusian oppositionist. However, this does not bother him to pursue the case further. In the near future, Szymanski is going to leave for Belarus to cooperate with authorities of the state securities and judges engaged in the case of Zhukawiec.

We have to remember  that on December 22nd in  2011 representatives of organizations met with the Robert Gernand, the substitute of Polish Public Prosecutor General. During the meeting they discussed about numerous violations of human rights against activists of the Belarusian opposition by Polish prosecutors. After the meeting activists regarded it as a success.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without borders”

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