Belarusian refers the decision to ban the use of the Belarusian white-red-white national flag


On December 1st Activist Center “Collaboration without Borders” Ihar Shchekarevich complained to the spokesman of civil rights. Belarusian asks for cancellation of the decision of the prosecution and the court in Bydgoszcz. These government agencies considered it is proper to prohibit the use of white-red-white flag of Belarus during the basketball game Belarus-Lithuania in the European Championships Women.

Shchekarevich: “I cannot understand why the Polish authorities just do not like the Belarusian national flag. A second Polish official institution refused Belarusians the right to free use of our flag. Yesterday evening I received a document from the court in Bydgoszcz, in which should be written why the court took such a decision. But in a brief, one-page response, there was no argument. This suggests that the court and prosecutor’s office decided to ban the Belarusian flag just because they feel like it, but not under the Polish law. So with the help of human rights activist Andrej Zhukowiec, today I made a complaint. “

Let us remind that the incident of banning on using Belarusian flags happened on the 25th June this year in Bydgoszcz. Guard of the stadium where the game took place, made it impossible to use national white-red-white flags by the group of Belarusian fans , and then rudely removed Belarusians from the stadium.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without Borders”

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