Center “Collaboration without Borders” starts a campaign to save Shatskie Lakes (photo, video)


Lakes Shatskie and Svityaz’ could shoal as a result of working of “Hotislavskoe” chalk deposit belongs to Yuri Chizh, businessman close to Alexander Lukashenko.

On August 22, public campaign to save the lakes started in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk. The initiator of the campaign is deputy of Volyn Oblast Council Igor Guz’ and the Center “Collaboration without borders.”

The organizers of “Save Svityaz’” campaign held a press conference in the building of the regional council. Igor Guz’ and  Vladimir Zakharko, former director of Shatsky National Park, answered the questios. They told about the problem and
future plans of the campaign.

After that, social activists and local deputies went to Svityaz’, the deepest Ukrainian lake, and swum across it. It took them about 3 hours to overcome 4,5 kilometers.

Let us remind that Ukrainian scientists claim that the development of career Hotislavski in Brest region of Belarus, may cause the shoaling and disappearing of Shatskie Lakes.

The Belarusian side claims that the entire risk of mining of chalk in career is considered and minimized.

Hotislavskoe chalk deposit is located 30 kilometers from the Shatskie lakes and is near the state border between Belarus and Ukraine.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without borders”

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