In Poland banned on using Belarusian national white-red-white flag again


Another Polish government agency refused to Belarusians right to use the national white-red-white flag in international sporting events in the country.

The court in Bydgoszcz rejected appeals from Ihar Shchekarevich, the activist of the Center “Collaboration without Borders”. Belarusian disagreed with the decision of Polish prosecutors, who considered it is legitimate to prohibit using white-red-white flag during the basketball match Belarus-Lithuania in European Championship Women. However, the court sided with prosecutors and admitted that the Belarusian national white-red-white flag was rightly banned.

Previously, prosecutors in Bydgoszcz acknowledged that white-red-white flag “is not mandatory national flag of Belarus.” Therefore, the Belarusian fans were not allowed to use it during the game. Prosecutors acknowledged Ihar Shchekarevich’s refusal to leave the hall is the “protest against guards”. Prosecutors didn’t admit that using violence against Szczekarewicz is a crime.

Let us remind that the incident of banning on using Belarusian flags happened on the 25th June this year in Bydgoszcz. Guard of the stadium where the game took place, prevented the group of Belarusian fans to spread white-red-white flags, and then rudely removed Belarusians from the stadium.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without Borders”

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