KGB asked Belarusian activist about the National Alliance


On June, 4 night, activist from Brest Ivan Stasiuk was detained at Belarusian-Polish border and taken to Brest department of the KGB. Belarusian border guards just took his passport at the Belarusian border and told him that the passport will be returned by “other authorities” after prophylactic conversation.

As Ivan Stasiuk pointed out, members of the Committee of State Security mostly wanted to make him cease from activity in social networks:

- I was detained while passing the customs control. Then they brought me to the KGB building. I was questioned there about my activity in online communities, about my trips to Ukraine at the patriotic congresses of the National Alliance, about my contacts with the Ukrainians, and about my trip to Poland.

In addition, Ivan Stasiuk pointed out that members of the State Security threatened him with pressure on his family in Belarus, and with misinformation of friends on his cooperation with the KGB.

Radio Racija

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