Local authorities do not register the organization of Ukrainians in Belarus because they do not like the head of the organization (photo)


Igor Guz, the member of Volyn Regional Council and the coordinator of the Center “Collaboration without borders” received a reply to his letter from Viktor Tichonov, the ambassador of Ukraine in Belarus.

Igor Guz asked the Ukrainian diplomat to pay attention to the fact that the authorities of Belarusian city Baranowiczy do not want to register the association of Ukrainians “Kobzar” and persecuted its’ leader Mikołaj Charnavus.

As is clear from the response, they do not want to provide the organization “Kobzar” a place for the registration, since “the person Charnavus causes the negative reaction of the heads of Baranowiczy and Brest region”.

Let us remind that the official reason for refusing the registration of “Kobzar” is the lack of a legal address of the organizations. However, according to Belarusian law they can get a legal address only if the organization has an office.

Local authorities offer “Kobzar” to rent an office for 10 million rubles (about 9 thousand hryvnia). At the same time in Ukraine, local authorities provide offices for one hryvnia for Belarusian social organizations.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without borders”

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