Poland’s Minister of Justice is ready to meet with Belarusian activists


Patricia Lese, the press secretary of the minister told reporters about this.

Lese: “If this is the voice of the democratic opposition in Belarus, the minister will certainly be open to meeting with representatives of these organizations because of concerns about legal standards in Belarus. However, we must understand that the minister Gowin cannot and does not intend to influence the decision of the independent court”.

Remember that on January 5th a petition on behalf of five Belarusian and international organizations arrived to Jarosław Gowin, the, Minister of Justice of Poland. Belarusians asked for a personal meeting with the Minister to discuss about several issues. This means a long-term persecution of Andrei Żukawiec, the Belarusian political refugee by the court in Bialystok and the decision of the court in Bydgoszcz on the actual ban on Belarusian national white-red-white flag at sport events in Poland.

A petition to the Polish Ministry of Justice signed the Center “Collaboration without borders”, “Union for Democracy in Belarus”, “Young Front”, “Belarusian Christian Democracy” and “European Belarus”.

Let’s remind that this is not the first meeting of representatives of organizations at the highest level in Poland. On December 22 in 2011 they met with Robert Gernand, the Substitute of Polish Public Prosecutor General. At the meeting numerous violations of the rights of the Belarusian opposition activists by the Polish prosecutors were discussed. After the results of the meeting, activists rated it as a successful one.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without borders”

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