Polish prosecutors accused of harassment of the Belarusian opposition activists (photo)


On December 6th petition on behalf of five Belarusian and international organizations got to Public Prosecutor General of Poland Andrej Seremet. In this letter, they accused prosecutors in various Polish cities of a negative attitude to the Belarusian national movement and cooperate with the regime of Belarusian President. Therefore, representatives of organizations want to meet with Seremet and try to convince him to influence his subordinates.

The petition to the Public Prosecutor General signed: Center “Collaboration without Borders”, “Union for Democracy in Belarus”, “Young Front”, “Belarusian Christian Democracy” and “European Belarus” .

Representatives of organizations mention,as a proof of their accusations, to the decision of the prosecution in Bydgoszcz, which effectively banned the display of national white-red-white flag of Belarus during sport events. In addition, they blame prosecutors in Białystok for long persecution of Andrej Żukowiec, a political refugee from Belarus.

Belarusians also do not understand why the employees of Polish Prosecution General, who gave the Belarusian authority bank details of Aleś Bielacki, so far did not suffer a deserved punishment.

Letter to the Public Prosecutor General was delivered by Ihar Shchekarevich, representative of the Center “Collaboration without Borders” and Anatoly Mihnawiec, representative of the organization “Union for Democracy in Belarus”.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without Borders”

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