Polish prosecutors are forced to punish guilty of insulting the Belarusian flag (photo)


On July 12, Prosecutor General of Poland received a complaint about a crime against a group of Belarusians on match of European basketball championship among women in Bydgoszcz.

The statement was made by Igor Schekarevich – one of the victims on the match. Igor accuses match guards and the organizers of insulting a national symbol of Belarus, and of violation of his personal integrity.

Igor Schekarevich: “I visited a forensic doctor, who documented the bruises on my right hand. This is the result of match guards’ action. They had taken me off the hall by force. Neither the organizers nor the guards still have apologized to the Belarusian people for insulting the Belarusian flag. It has been done only by the authorities of Bydgoszcz. I have been waiting for apology for 3 weeks. Obviously those who have committed such a crime consider it normal to insult the Belarusian national symbols. Therefore it is necessary to use the law to punish these individuals. I want to thank human rights activist Andrei Zhukavets and Ukrainian Center “Collaboration without borders” for legal assistance”.

Let us remind you that on June 25 a group of Belarusian fans was removed from the match Belarus – Lithuania at the European basketball championship among women in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz. Match guards applied force against Igor Schekarevich. The reason for removal of the Belarusians was their refusal to turn off white-red-white flags.

Press office of the Center for Regional Development “Collaboration without Borders”

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