Polish prosecutors banned Belarusian national flag


Belarusian fans have no right to support national team under a national white-red-white flag on international sporting events in Poland. This follows from the request of the Polish prosecutors on the application of an offense against a group of Belarusian basketball fans at the match Belarus-Lithuania in Bydgoszcz.

Request to the Polish prosecutor’s office was sent by Belarusian fan Ihar Shchekarevich.

According to Polish prosecutor, white-red-white flag “is not mandatory national flag of Belarus”. Therefore, the Belarusian fans were not allowed to use it at the match.

Refusal to leave the stadium Polish prosecutors described as a”resistance” from Shchekarevich. Therefore, the security guards did not break the law when they used physical force against Shchekarevich. Belarusian himself is not surprised by this answer of prosecutors.

Shchekarevich: “Yes, such a response is not surprising. I got it from the Polish prosecutor’s office. They are, in my opinion, deliberately transmit bank information of Ales Belyatsky to Belarusian authority. This is the same prosecutor’s office, which has being persecuting a political refugee Andrew Zhukavets for 12 years. I think the Polish prosecutor’s office has a lot of “Belarusian skeletons” in the locker. In the near future I will consult with the leadership of the Center “Collaboration without borders” and decide which steps we take in this matter further”.

Let us remind that the incident occurred on June 25, 2011 during the match of women’s European basketball championship in Bydgoszcz. Belarus played against Lithuania. Guards of the stadium, which hosted the game, prevented a group of Belarusian fans to deploy white-red-white flags, and then rudely removed Belarusians from the stadium.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without Borders”

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