Ukrainian and Belarusian organizations astonished why FIBA has not apologized to the Belarusian people


We, the Ukrainian and Belarusian public organizations, outraged by incidents during the match of European basketball championship Belarus-Lithuania in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz, where Belarusian fans banned from posting their national flags. The fact that representatives of FIBA still did not apologize for their actions to the Belarusian people, is astonishing.

The only explanation for FIBA action is that the organization supported the dictatorial regime in Belarus. This is confirmed by the fact that the Belarusian fans were removed from the stands with the use of physical force. Apparently representatives of international basketball organization like the methods which the Belarusian president cracked down on his opponents.

We know thoroughly what happened during the basketball game. Member of the organization Center for Regional Development “Collaboration without borders” Igor Schekarevich has suffered.  By order of FIBA  functionaries,  guards twisted his hands behind his back and  just carried him beyond the sports arena.

FIBA spokesman  Sakis Kontos explained that flags had been banned because of inscriptions Free Belarus on them. This words cause only a smile.

The Center for Regional Development “Collaboration without borders”
The Young Front
The Young Dems
The Youth of Belarusian Christian Democracy
The Right Alliance
The Belarusian National Memory
The All-Ukrainian youth organization National Alliance
The Youth organization Dzedzich

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