Ukrainian band shot the Belarusian-language clip (video)


Ukrainian band “Violet” has shot the clip on their Belarusian-language song “The place of suffering.” The basis of the video is performance of the band at the festival “Bandershtat-2011″ in August.

As the vocalist of “Violet” Sergei Martyniuk said, on September, 16 the band will play in Minsk at the “Dozen of hits” Award. Let us remind that the song “The Place of suffering” of the Ukrainian band took the 4th place among 69 songs that were presented at the “Dozen of hits.”

This autumn “Violet” is going into a small tour on Belarusian cities.

“Violet” with the song “Place of suffering” was the first member of the project “Ukrainian music for Belarus”, in which Ukrainian musicians sing protest songs in Belarusian language.

The initiator of the campaign is public organization Center for Regional Development “Collaboration without borders”.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without Borders”

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