Ukrainian musicians will sing in Belarusian for Belarus (audio)


The campaign “Ukrainian music for Belarus” begins in Ukraine. Within this campaign, Ukrainian musicians will sing protest songs in Belarusian language.

The campaign was initiated by public organization – Center for Regional Development Collaboration without Borders. The first band was “Violet” from Lutsk. According to the leader of “Violet” Sergei Martyniuk, idea to sing a song in Belarusian language appeared a long time ago.

Sergei Martyniuk: “This is a Belarusian-language song “Place of suffering” written by John Mauser, lead singer of the famous Belarusian alternative band “MAUZER”. He gave it to us. The idea to sing a protest song in Belarusian emerged after the presidential elections in Belarus last year. And it emerged after the violent dispersal of peaceful protesters in Minsk. Thereby, we show our solidarity with the Belarusian people. The fact that the NGO Center Collaboration without borders had decided to support our initiative, added a fuel to our creative work on this song”.

Music has always played an important role in political change in various countries around the world. So it was during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Therefore, the Centre Collaboration without Borders hopes that the company “Ukrainian music for Belarus” would inspire Belarusian people for new struggle and long-awaited change.


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Press office of the Center for Regional Development Collaboration without Borders

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