We need to stop the persecution of the Ukrainian diaspora in Belarus


The deputy of Volyn regional council and coordinator of the Center “Collaboration without borders” Ihor Huz asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Ambassador in Belarus and the Consul General of Ukraine in Brest. The deputy in his letter paid attention to violations to the Ukrainian diasporas in Baranovich, the Belarusian town.

The authorities do not want to register Baranowich Association of Ukrainians “Kobzar” and persecuted the leader of the association Mikolu Charnavusa.

The official reason for refusal of “Kobzar” is the lack of the legal address of this organization. However, according to Belarusian law, they can get official address only when the organization has an office.

Local authorities offer “Kobzar” to rent an office for 10 million rubles (about 9 thousand hryvnia). At the same time, as in Ukraine, local authorities provide places for the Belarusian organization for 1 hryvnia.

In addition, on January 9th the leader of the association, Mikola Charnovus was questioned by police because of the announcement in the media to apply for the protest “Officers against friendship between nations”. On the demonstration the activists of the association “Kobzar” wanted to protest against the refusal of officers and to make sure to provide a legal address for the organization.

Such actions of local authorities are contrary to the friendly diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, this is a flagrant violation of law to Ukrainians living in Baranoviche.

Therefore, Igor Huz sent an appeal of the deputy to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko, Ukrainian Ambassador in Republic Belarus, Viktor Tichonova and Consul General of Ukraine in brest, Ivan Baranchika with requests for the help to Ukrainians in Belarus to protect the rights and freedom.

Press Service of the Center “Collaboration without borders”

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